General Topics

General Science:

World Conservation Society Kids Page

Animal and conservation activities, information, and games.

Cool Science for Curious Kids

A site with lots of cool explorations of animal diversity and biology issues.


At NBII Kids, you'll find games, puzzles, stories, and projects that help kids learn about nature and conservation while having fun.

Biodiversity in General

Environmental Education Network

Resources for students and teachers on environmental education.

Project Wild: An Environmental and Conservation Education Program

Resources for students and teachers from a national environmental education program.

Animals in General:

Wildlife and Natural History Q-Line

Do you have a question about Michigan wildlife? Check this site! If you can't find your question, you can submit it to a well-known Michigan naturalist.

The Electronic Zoo

Lots of information on animals and veterinary sources!

King County Library System Homework Helper Page

Homework helper for animals

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Endangered Species Program

A site with links to lots of good information on U.S. endangered species.

US Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species Program: Kids Corner

Information on endangered animals and their conservation.

Massachusets Audobon Society: Living with Wildlife

Cool activities about animals, and links to other lesson plans and kids materials. Emphasis seems to be on insects.

National Wildlife Federation Species Resources - Keep the Wild Alive!

This site has links and information about endangered North American wildlife and more.

Enchanted Animal Printouts

Links to printouts of many animals with different characteristics and in different environments throughout the world.

University of Michigan Museum of ZoologyNational Science Foundation

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