Multimedia Resources

Identifying Animals:


The Online Field Guide is a searchable database for identifying more than 4,000 plant and animal species of North America. Additional species and other nature content are constantly added to the database.


A terrific invertebrate diversity exploration based in the California Bay Area. The site has lots of excellent tools for identifying and learning about invertebrates, ideas for curricula, kids activities, and an 'ask an expert' link. Good site for kids and adults. (Insect identification tools are best for California, but there is lots of other information here too.)

Animal Images:

Animal Pictures Archive

An online archive containing picture, movie, and sound files of a wide variety of animal species.

National Image Library

A database of images, free for educational uses.

CalPhotos: Animal

A database of animal images, free for educational uses.

Animal Calls and Sounds:

Whale Center of New England

A link to some whale sounds.

Animal Tracks and Tracking:

Online Track Guide

An online guide for North American mammal tracks.

Animal Tracking Guide (for kids)

A guide to tracking animals, including observation skills, sign, and advanced tracking concepts.

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