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Mission Statement

It is increasingly important for all American students to become sophisticated thinkers of science. The BioKIDS/DeepThink research group is engaged in educational research to improve science learning in high-poverty, urban, elementary and middle school classrooms, with particular focus on the Detroit Public Schools. Our work centers on the fourth through eighth grades, a period when the performance of American students in science falls behind that of students in other countries. We work in two areas:

  • the development of curricular units and associated technologies to promote students' deep understandings of current science topics, and

  • the exploration of new ideas in educational assessment leading to tests that evaluate students' complex reasoning with science.

Awards and Recognitions

The May 13, 2009 edition of Education Week features an article about the BioKIDS program in Detroit.

Education Week article on BioKIDS (may require free registration) (May 14, 2009)

MERLOT Peer Review

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BioKIDS is sponsored in part by the Interagency Education Research Initiative. It is a partnership of the University of Michigan School of Education, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, and the Detroit Public Schools. This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant DRL-0628151.
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