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What is BioKIDS?

BioKIDS: Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species is a research project of the University of Michigan. We developed an 8-week, inquiry-focused curriculum for 5th and 6th graders, as well as technological resources to support it (including this website). For more information, see About Us.

Where can I find information about animals?

Our Critter Catalog covers animals found in Michigan, specifically written for BioKIDS participants. For other animals, see the Animal Diversity Web. For other internet sources, see Links for Kids and Links for Teachers.

How can I identify an animal I found?

Try our Critter Catalog. If your animal is an invertebrate, try the Invertebrate ID Guide. Our staff has developed this key to help students identify invertebrates they are likely to find in their schoolyards. You might also try identification guides available through a library, these are geared more towards identifying animals, whereas our Critter Catalog is more about the animals and how they live. A great site for insects, spiders, and other land arthropods is BugGuide.Net.

How can I identify an animal from its tracks or other signs?

Use our Track and Sign Guide.

I am a teacher participating in BioKIDS. How can I upload or view data we collected in our schoolyard?

Login using Teacher Login, then choose CyberTracker Tools. CyberTracker is a program written by South African conservation biologists ( and customized by our staff for southeast Michigan. Teachers must login in order to work with CyberTracker tools.

I am a teacher participating in BioKIDS. I am having problems logging in.

Logging in with Teacher Login is only necessary to upload or view CyberTracker data. If you need a login name or password, please contact

I am a student. How can I find other websites about animals?

Try Links for Kids. The Animal Diversity Web is a little harder to read than the Critter Catalog, but has lots more animals from all over the world.

I am a teacher. How can I get more background information about animal diversity?

Try Links for teachers , which includes both background information and links to other curricula. Don't forget there is also the Animal Diversity Web which has more advanced information than the Critter Catalog and also includes lots more animals from all over the world.

Who created all of this?

Go to About Us for an overview of the BioKIDS project and its partners.

What is the Animal Diversity Web?

The Animal Diversity Web is an online encyclopedia of animal natural history created by University of Michigan researchers and college students all over North America.

If you have a question about our site or our projects, we have forms you can use to ask a question or leave a comment. We also welcome suggestions for what kind of HELP to put on this HELP page!

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